Luke Bather - 31st Oct 2016

What could be more horrific than human pubic hair that comes to life and then wants to exact revenge upon its owner?

Actually this wiry little ball could hardly be cuter. Christopher Watson-Wood and his team at Mad Ruffian have somehow managed to turn something that normally clogs up your drainpipe into a lovable, lonely hero, in this latest video for Anglo-Swedish indie outfit Francobollo. And that's despite the fact that his CGI creation is irrationally jealous and possessive towards its former owner, and sets about attempting to sabotage her hot date.

It's an interesting, fun take on the Freudian Oedipus complex, and with a horror-tinged ending that matches up with the personality of the band - and perfectly timed for Halloween.


“We really wanted to do something silly and adolescent that didn’t take itself too seriously - as if plucked from the ripe brain of a thirteen year old boy.  We also really liked the idea of trying to make something usually considered pretty gross - like pubic hair - into a cute and loveable character.  With that in mind we set out creating our film…it’s almost like ‘Pixar hits puberty’. 

"The character design was crucial, and it quickly became clear that the loveable hairball needed the personality of an emotive cartoon-like character, but rendered in a (very complicated) photorealistic way, in order to fit into the live action environment.”

PRO Credits


DirectorChristopher Watson-Wood
ProducerAmanda Jones
Production CompanyMad Ruffian
PostRuffian Post
Casting directorPlaster Cast
Production AssistantRose Greenwell
Director of PhotographyDavid Wright
Director of PhotographyKate Eccarius
1st ADJack Tew
2nd ADTom Coley
Hair & Make-upLaura Wisinger
RunnerTom Coley
EditorChristopher Watson-Wood
Assistant EditorHarry Davidson
VFXChristopher Watson-Wood
3D ArtistToby Williams-Ellis
AnimationThanos Kousis
ColouristDanny Wood

Luke Bather - 31st Oct 2016

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