Luke Bather - 26th Aug 2016

French animation team Mrzyk & Moriceau present this throwback animation for The Avalanches.

Presented in a style that may or may not have been inspired by the likes of Fritz The Cat (with a little bit of additional French sophistication), we're taken on an incredible psychedelic subway ride in which we see a revolving cast of incredible characters and as much visual innuendo as you can cram into three and a half minutes. I mean, there's not much subtlety in a möbious hotdog, but it looks cool.

The whole clip feels like an incredible stream-of-conscious fantasy ride as each scene melts effortlessly into the next. Mind the gap.

PRO Credits


DirectorMrzyk & Moriceau
ProducerJules de Chateleux
ProducerClémence Cuvelier
Production CompanyDivision
CommissionerGlen Goetze

Luke Bather - 26th Aug 2016

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