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Radiohead 'Burn The Witch' by Chris Hopewell

David Knight - 4th May 2016

Chris Hopewell reunites with Radiohead - for whom he made the video for There There back in 2003 - for the video for Burn The Witch, a beautifully executed recreation of the classic children's TV shows Camberwick Green and Trumpton, with the storylines of other, far more disquieting British productions of the late 1960s - Witchfinder General and The Wicker Man.

The treatment may well have had the compelling brevity of the one for Alien (which was famously pitched as "Jaws in space'). But only time will tell whether it was quite that straightforward. With Radiohead removing their social media sites and then posting messages to fans before the video's release (‘Sing the song of sixpence that goes burn the witch’ and ‘We know where you live’) there is the distinct possibility this is the opening salvo of the band's bigger message. We shall see.

In the meantime, this is a welcome return to music video directing for Chris Hopewell, who created this wonderful rendition of the stop-motion style pioneered by Gordon Murray and animators John Hardwick and Bob Bura, out of his own Bristol-based studio Jacknife. As he has been spending much of his time designing posters, its a return as surprising as it is welcome.

David Knight - 4th May 2016


  • Animation
  • Stop motion

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Chris Hopewell
Rosie Lea Brind
Production Company


Director of Photography
Jon Davey


Production designer
Chris Hopewell


Ben Foley


Ben Foley


Post FX
Ben Foley
Set Builder
Holly Jo Beck
Lead Animator
Virpi Kettu
Lead Animator
Louie McNamara
Lead Animator
Oli Putland

Other credits


Aaron Hopewell, Andrew Stuart, Rosie Lea Brind, Chris Hopewell

Puppets and props

Elaine Andrew, Virpi Kettu, Bonnie Griffin, Lucy Roberts, Ash Clarke, Ella Baraclough, Bec Coates, Rosie Lea Brind, Chris Hopewell, Andrew Stuart

David Knight - 4th May 2016

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