Avicii 'Waiting For Love' by Blackmeal

French animation crew Blackmeal have created a delightful, very emotional lyric video for Avicii's upbeat Waiting For Love, all about a boy and his dog, growing up in the shadow …

Cat Velez - 1st June 2015

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The Promonews Roundup


Keimzeit 'Junges Blut' by Sonja Rohleder

Everything is peaceful and idyllic in Sonja Rohleder's beautifully designed motion graphic video for German band Keimzeit's Junges Blut (Young Blood). But in turn, each …

David Knight - 20th Apr 2015


ALB 'The Road' by Julien Lassort

Julien Lassort's video for ALB's The Road completely immerses the viewer in a dark, perpetually evolving world of mesmerizing black and white imagery: the cutting of trees, the creation …

Cat Velez - 14th Apr 2015


Avec Sans 'Hold On' by Sing J Lee

In his promo for Hold On by UK electropop duo Avec Sans - aka Alice Fox and Jack St. James - Sing J Lee delivers a performance promo largely in silhoutte powered by evolving graphics and …

Jimmy Brown - 2nd July 2013


Discodeine ‘Aydin’ by Pleix

French directing team Pleix – responsible for some outstanding videos in the mid-Noughties – have not made one in ages.

Promo News - 28th May 2013


Vexkiddy 'Dear Boss' by James Ward

Cool, clean, abstract, shape-driven motion graphics for Berlin-based electronic artist Vexkiddy's Dear Boss by James Ward, one half of the Scubaboy directing team with Jonathan Hardy, working …

David Knight - 29th Mar 2012

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