David Knight - 20th Apr 2015

Everything is peaceful and idyllic in Sonja Rohleder's beautifully designed motion graphic video for German band Keimzeit's Junges Blut (Young Blood). But in turn, each countryside scene is affected by a cataclysmic act of God - a meteor strike, a giant wave, a hurricane...

There's undoubtedly a chilling aspect to the sight of a meteor exploding into mountain side, for obvious reasons. But Rohleder has made destruction beautiful by employing a limited palette of bright colours on a black background, working with the graphics primarily in After Effects. 

"I used a lot of different animation techniques, cut-out, rotoscoping, expression, key-frame animation, particles, shape animation all in 2D and a little 3D animation for the people floating in space," she told Dezeen Magazine. "That was a great way to work, because I never knew how I would accomplish the animation that I had in mind when I started the scene."


DirectorSonja Rohleder
Lead AnimatorSonja Rohleder
AnimatorDennis Rettkowski
Production CompanyTalking Animals

David Knight - 20th Apr 2015

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