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Django Django 'Spirals (MGMT Remix)' by Gemma Yin

Rob Ulitski - 20th Oct 2020

Gemma Yin directs a mesmerising and innovative visual for the MGMT remix of Django Django's Spirals. 

For the video, Yin teamed up with creative developer Pierre Tardif, who used his own funky generative coding to create CG dreamscapes based on visual patterns including, yes, spirals. The code can also be rewritten to work as a live tool with performance optimisation and sound reactivity. 

Effortlessly trance-inducing, the coruscating lights and kaleidoscope of colours are an outstanding interpretation of the music. In pushing the boundaries of how we interact with new technology and techniques, Yin has created something universal and timeless. 

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Rob Ulitski - 20th Oct 2020


  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • VFX
  • Art Rock
  • Rock
  • Coding
  • Innovative
  • technology
  • Colourful

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Gemma Yin
Sandra Spethmann
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sandra Spethmann


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Creative Consultant
Pierre Tardif

Rob Ulitski - 20th Oct 2020

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