David Knight - 25th June 2013

A rocking performance video for a Toronto band called The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores is made utterly compelling by the beautiful visual treatment of the video by Ryan Enn Hughes that turns the band into a Mondrian-style patchwork in motion. 

After shooting the band in a bare studio, Ryan went to work on the animation, recolouring the footage frame-by-frame. Very cool - definitely watch in HD. The behind the scenes video is here.

Ryan Enn Hughes:

"I had the look for this video in mind for a while. I was doing a series of camera/animation tests exploring the idea prior to ever hearing the track. I ended up hearing the song Beat Up Kidz by The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores, and right way knew it would be a good fit for the aesthetic. It had the right energy and speed for the look I was playing with.  

"I ended up revising the aesthetic to match the track, but it married well right from the beginning. The majority of my projects start from visual experiments and tests. I get an idea for an aesthetic and then play with it, make notes, refine it and then kind of shelve it until the right subject comes along that matches “the look” that's been developed.

"I had a great time working with the OBGMs. Right now we're talking about a video for a couple of the guys' side Hip Hop group WiFETAKER."


DirectorRyan Enn Hughes
Director of PhotographyRyan Enn Hughes
AnimatorRyan Enn Hughes
Camera operatorMicha Pichlkastner
StylistJudith Clancy
EditorMicha Pichlkastner
Other creditsAdditional Animators: Genia Shapira, Warren Wilson, Anthony Saleh

David Knight - 25th June 2013

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