Ateph Elidja 'Burn October' by Wacho

A European man sinks into a personal heart of darkness in this mesmerising video, shot in the Amazon jungle by Argentinian directing duo Wacho - that's Eduardo Braun and Justo …

David Knight - 12 months ago

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The Promonews Roundup


Jones 'Melt' by Davis Silis

In his second video for Jones, Davis Silis captures the singer's mesmerizing performance of Melt by employing a distinctive split-image technique allied with a constantly rotating …

David Knight - 4th Aug 2016


Ruthless Cuts: Years & Years 'Worship'

Cut+Run's Sophia Melvin presents the latest Ruthless Cuts, the series that looks at how some of the most important music videos were made, from the standpoint of both production and the editing. …

David Knight - 2nd Aug 2016


Ruthless Cuts: NAO 'Bad Blood'

In the latest episode of Ruthless Cuts, the BTS series produced by Cut+Run's Promos+Content division, Sophia Melvin talks to director Ian Pons Jewell and his co-writer and producer …

David Knight - 7th Mar 2016


WICTV: Dawn Shadforth on Hurts' Wings

In her recent Webcam interview with Word Is Cheap, Dawn Shadforth talks about how she went about recreating the classic era of rock 'n roll excess with her latest video for Hurts, using great …

David Knight - 26th Feb 2016

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