Promonews - 28th May 2020

Ruthless Cuts, the behind-the-scenes series produced by top London editing house Cut+Run, returns with a brand new episode featuring Georgina Cammalleri and Matt Prickett, respectively the director and editor of two videos for Swim Deep last year which marked Cammalleri's first outings as a music video director.

It's the latest Ruthless Cuts episode presented exclusively by Promonews. And in this one, Georgina Cammalleri charts her initial progress as a director having already won a BAFTA as a TV documentary producer.

Cammalleri explains to interviewer Martin Macnamara how her original idea for Swim Deep's To Feel Good was ditched, and replaced by the video's intense scenario (where singer Ozzie Williams is repeatedly punched by different members of a baying mob, while being overlooked by a gospel choir) and how the visual style was influenced by her love of the German Expressionist cinema of the 1930s, embracing 'heightened emotion' and melodrama.

Matt Prickett explains how the input of DoP Lorenzo Levrini was important to ensure the realism of the sickening violence in the video. He and Cammalleri then explain how the narrative structure of the follow-up Sail Away video had to be reshaped in the edit due to a problematic shoot: it was mostly shot off the coast of Margate in a small boat, and the crew were struck down by seasickness.

This episode of Ruthless Cuts is the latest in the long-running series where music video directors talk about their work, acting as a soundtrack to clips from the videos and BTS photos. Previous episodes have featured Nathan James Tettey, Dave Bullivant and Ozzie Pullin.      

PRO Credits


PresenterMartin Macnamara
ProducerMartin Macnamara
Production CompanyCut+Run
Executive ProducerToby Abbott
Executive ProducerDavid Knight
SoundMichael Haines
Sound RecordingFactory
Set PhotographerClara Cohen
Set PhotographerKaren Lo
Editing companyCut+Run

Promonews - 28th May 2020

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