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Foals 'My Number' by Us

David Knight - 12th Feb 2013


Taking the title of Foals' My Number as their inspiration, Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor - aka Us - have created an extraordinary dot-to-dot world entirely in post - thanks to motion capture data collected at Andy Serkis' Imaginarium studios, and also with a huge amount of love and devotion from the guys at the Electric Theatre Collective, for their video that was originally premiered as a hidden video on Foals' website.

From Us: "We had always loved the idea of making a moving dot-to-dot. The problem was how could we apply dot-to-dot to a moving image. We knew that standard animation techniques were out of reach. We spoke with Electric Theatre Collective and they said the most sensible way would be to have motion capture of the band. We had been to The Imaginarium for an open day but only really thought motion capture was for Hollywood movies...

"Once we had all the data from the band captured, we then had to re-create all the band members and their instruments. And we then converted this into dot-to-dot. The process was massively time-consuming with gargantuan renders, but the guys at ETC really pulled out all the stops."

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David Knight - 12th Feb 2013


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David Knight - 12th Feb 2013

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