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Hak Baker 'LUVLY' by Broken Antenna

David Knight - 26th June 2024

Directing duo Broken Antenna's latest video for Hak Baker - their eighth - returns to Hak's home turf in London's East End once more. But after the critically acclaimed doc-style video for Wrong Side of the Street, for Hak's collab with Joe Armon Jones, they now swerve into gritty drama.

The video for LUVLY features rising star Hero Fiennes Tiffin (The Woman King, After We Fall) and brings to life Hak’s own story, growing up on the Isle of Dogs. The song paints a portrait of a man who cannot receive the love from the woman who loves him - and poignantly, can’t love himself.

That's visualised by Broken Antenna - Myles McAuliffe and Gustav Newby - in a whirlwind allegorical tale of a young man (played by Fiennes Tiffin), who on release from prison, quickly falls into his old ways - he falls foul of the local hood, played by Geoff Bell (The Business) - and the effect it has on the relationship with his devoted girlfriend. 

Through it's breathless narrative style, characterised by the fluid cinematography by Ahmet Husseyin, the ensemble cast and relentless pace forced by the cut by Ben Boullier, Broken Antenna build a full picture of the young man's nefarious situation. But similarly to the likes of Goodfellas  - almost certainly an influence - this is not just about the gangsters' shady world. And when the real blow falls, it's not from a 'bad guy', and Hero doesn't see it coming. 

It's more evidence of a relationship, between Baker and Broken Antenna, that has been the one of the most creatively fruitful of the past few years. 

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David Knight - 26th June 2024


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Broken Antenna
Jack Hannon
Creative Director
Nadine Persaud
Production Company
Production Assistant
Shanneka Simpson


Director of Photography
Ahmet Husseyin
1st AC
Murat Akyildiz
1st AC
Sam Harding
2nd AC
Will Stepney


Connor Baskerville


Art Director
Fred Cassavetti


Naomi Barling
The North Face
Styling Assistants
Emily Greene and Esther Oyebola


Lead actor
Hero Fiennes Tiffin
Milly Zero, Tayla Clarke, Geoff Bell, Jack Rolf


Ben Boullier
Neil Johnson at Rascal


Jack McGinity
Colour grade company

Other credits

Special thanks

Cara, Lynn & Emmyland

David Knight - 26th June 2024

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