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Danny Brown ft Bruiser Wolf 'Y.B.P' by Edem Wornoo, William Child

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2024

Live action collides with stop motion animation in this mesmerizing promo for Danny Brown - guest starring Bruiser Wolf - directed by Edem Wornoo and Claymation maestro William Child.

The video for Y.B.P delves into the gritty realities and hurdles encountered by those navigating the streets of Detroit. Skilfully contrasting the artificial and the human, the video portrays Brown and Bruiser's shared journey growing up in Detroit’s inner city.

Warnoo and Child have collaborated before, on the similarly gritty video for Big Zuu's Offline featuring JME and Novelist. That also combined animation and live action but this one takes things to a different level. Diving full-speed into Uncanny Calley territory, the video blends nostalgic, almost charming claymation craft with the artist's real performances which creates an unsettling yet enthralling atmosphere. 

Brown's and Bruiser's faces are composited onto their figurine bodies, and their lipsync given the appearance of being animated with judicious frame-cutting. While the innovative technique is established, and the focus stays on the rappers' performances, a familiar story of criminal activity unfolds around them.

The drama of a small time robbery in Detroit is familiar - and low on thrills. Child's painstaking stop motion modelling and animation emphasises the grim reality, rather than the glamour, of the heist. All the better to reflect Brown and Wolf's depiction of their hometown.    

A brilliant collaboration between the directors and the artists, with a thought-provoking message. 

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Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2024


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Edem Wornoo
William Child
Aaron Z. Willson
Production Company
Production Manager
Anna Butler


Director of Photography
Portable Motion Control
Justin Pentecost


William Child
Animation Company
Gravy Mercedes


Colour Producer
Alex Carsewell
Megan Lee
Colour grade company


Harry Davidson
Additional VFX
Neil Drummond


Director's Representation


Warp Records

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2024

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