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Big Zuu ft JME & Novelist 'Offline' by Edem Wornoo & William Child

Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021

Big Zuu, JME and Novelist mete out some revenge on their haters in Edem Wornoo and Claymation maestro William Child's collaboration for Offline.

With the track directed at the internet trolls who have doled out abuse online to each artist, Wornoo and Child have created a visual that allows each rapper to find their own chief tormentor and deliver some justice, in full-bodied Claymation-style. 

Wornoo developed the concept for the video, and then brought it to Child's studio, Gravy Mercedes, in Bristol, to bring it to life. It's the first time they have worked together - indeed the first time Child has co-directed a project.

“OTT violence is always a lot of fun in Claymation," notes Child. "And it feels like a great medium to reflect Zuu, JME and Nov’s performance personas as funny, chilled guys....until you f*ck-around-and-find-out that they don’t take insults lightly.”

OTT violence is always a lot of fun in Claymation.

"This video is a homage to a time before we could hide behind screens, a time when words and actions held consequences," says Wornoo, adding that Child's attention to detail during its production was something to behold. “He should have his own TV show because every time his Claymation brought one of our scenes to life I genuinely laughed out loud.”

The video shows Child leaning into Wornoo’s 'street level fantasy' incorporating luminescent lighting that adds a somewhat dream-like quality. 

In addition, with the help of DoP Luke Harper and compositor Harry Davidson, the video features live action footage interspliced on TV screens in the stop-motion world, recorded on a FLIR thermal imaging camera, with its own punchy in-camera colour scale. The directors were able to bridge the two worlds harmoniously.

“It was my first time sharing directing responsibilities with someone else, meaning a totally different workflow to that I’m used to," he says of the production which was created in both Bristol and London. 

“Edem is incredibly talented and the clarity of his initial vision for the video made it super easy to understand and then execute. Between Edem’s on- point notes and Ground Work’s meticulous production, it made for a great experience for my first time collaborating in this way.”

Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021


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Edem Wornoo
William Child
Aaron Z. Willson
Production Company
Gravy Mercedes
Production Company


Director of Photography
Luke C Harper


Line Producer
Anna Butler

Other credits

Action Vehicle

Tim Seymour


Jasper Vivian


Harry Davidson

Motion Graphics

Philip Good

Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021

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