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Mura Masa ft Daniela Lalita 'Drugs' by The Reids

Rob Ulitski - 11th July 2023

Following their wonderful video for Whenever We Want, brother-directing team The Reids reunite with Mura Masa for another intoxicating portrayal of leisure-time experience for Drugs, featuring the alluring presence of Peruvian model and singer Daniela Lalita.

Ostensibly with a similar visual style to their first collab, by mostly focussing on a figure in centre-frame throughout, Drugs changes things up, introducing a different environment in which to enjoy Mura Masa's music, and an element of off-the-wall narrative.

It's a houseparty, attended by Lalita, who witnesses a fellow partygoer shrink down into a small golden pill. She picks up the pill and swallows, before putting on her headphones...

Cue a hypnotic montage of background transitions, with Lalita transporting through the party in a blissful haze - while remaining motionless and expressing joy and wonder through minimal changes in expression. This central concept, with the artist staying in place whilst the background switches up, is super effective, and Megan Lee's effervescent colour grade accentuates a truly dreamlike vibe.

Lalita eventually ends up lying in an otherworldly field for the middle section of the visual - before then returning to the 'reality' of the party. And then, finally, performing her own transformation. A little comic twist on a video that entertains for a full five-plus minutes. Great stuff.

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Rob Ulitski - 11th July 2023


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The Reids
Poppy Ashton
Executive Producer
Mura Masa
Production Manager
James Dewinton
1st AD
Joe Mulvihil


Director of Photography
The Reids


Production designer
Sasha Hilton
Art Director
Sasha Hilton


Byrdie Perkins


Mura Masa
The Reids


Colour Producer
Alex Caldwell
Megan Lee
Colour grade company

Rob Ulitski - 11th July 2023

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