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Tiberius b 'HHB' by Aidan Zamiri

Rob Ulitski - 6th July 2023

Aidan Zamiri's second video for Tiberius b takes their vibrant persona to the streets, with the Welsh singer-songwriter demonstrating a decidedly unique method of transportation. 

Following the eye-catching Jetski video, where their energetic display was interrupted by a flock of pigeons inside their flat, this one has the artist on London's late night streets, performing HHB under the golden haze of streetlights and distant fluorescents.

Until stopping to relieve themselves. And then after peering into the resulting yellow puddle, Tiberius b takes a dive... emerging into a public fountain.

This iconoclastic device allows Zamiri moves the action from one vignette to the next. It also brings the video the director's characteristic visual flair and cheeky wit to the fore.

And it shows again Tiberius b's willingness to explore concepts that would definitely deter others - whether it's getting up close and personal with bodily fluids or being on the receiving end of pigeon poo...  


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Rob Ulitski - 6th July 2023


  • Alternative
  • Performance
  • Streets
  • Bizarre
  • Fashion
  • offbeat
  • Transition

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Aidan Zamiri
Jonjo Lowe
Production Company
Executive Producer
Morgan Clement
Executive Producer
Dom Thomas
Production Manager
James Robertson
Production Assistant
Harvey Moore


Director of Photography


Production designer
Jack Appleyard


Hamish Wirgman

Rob Ulitski - 6th July 2023

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