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Katie Melua 'Love And Money' by MrMr

Rob Ulitski - 28th Apr 2023

A second video for Katie Melua by director/producer duo MrMr takes a poignant and emotional look at the experience of women coming to work in the UK, with loved ones far away.   

In the video for Love and Money, we see the lead character - played by Sophie Chinner - talk to her son on a video call, making the most of a small window of time before she needs to get back to work. 

As a cleaner of an upscale home, her work day is silent and contemplative, but when her memories begin to seep into the present moment, she takes the opportunity to dance in reflection of times spent with her loved ones.

This is one of a pair of videos for Melua by MrMr - Katie Lambert and Martha McGuirk - that explore the experience of coming to live and work in the UK from elsewhere, and released shortly before the more upbeat Quiet Moves.

"This song made us think about the countless women all over the world who travel to foreign countries in order to work and to send money to their loved ones at home," say Lambert and McGuirk, aka MrMr. 

"We wanted to show the sadness in being apart from your family, but also the strength and determination these women have. When we spoke to Katie Melua about the idea this is something which really resonated with her as she comes from Georgia, where a lot of women travel abroad for work.

"The video was beautifully shot by Ailsa Aikoa and cut by Tamara Ishida at Assembly Rooms. Our lead Sophie Chinner was also amazing - a brilliant dancer and actress."

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Rob Ulitski - 28th Apr 2023


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Maya Dufeu
Production Company
Executive Producer
Martha McGuirk
Production Manager
Liam Wallace Cook
1st AD
Wayne A.w. Bentley


Director of Photography
Ailsa Aikoa
Focus Puller
Lou Macnamara
2nd AC
Em Turner


Abi Hurcomb


Production designer
Sam Storey
Art Director
Maxi-boy O'sullivan


Nathalie Gabrielsson


Mikey Boats


Tamara Ishida
Editing company
Assembly Rooms


Felipe Szulc
Colour grade company

Rob Ulitski - 28th Apr 2023

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