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Jorja Smith 'Try Me' by Amber Grace Johnson

Rob Ulitski - 21st Apr 2023

Amber Grace Johnson reunites with Jorja Smith to direct a stunning promo for Try Me. Shot in the south of France, the video is a powerful portrait of the artist, who rises from the darkness to fight for her life and what is hers. 

Boasting a series of stunning locations - including the deserted amphitheatre in Arles in Provence - the video explores themes of strength, reclaiming independence and owning one's power, visualised through a handful of abstract vignettes, where a conflict takes place between Jorja and a male adversary in a choreographed series of moves akin to a bullfight.  

Jorja Smith is beautifully complex throughout; starting from a somewhat defeated, crawling motion to facing off her  adversary - played by Andrea Bouothmane - in an increasingly disdainful, effortless manner. Her journey is visualised masterfully by Johnson, returning to collaborate with the singer following the videos for Be Honest and Come Over. 

With a completely unique spin on a classic theme, it's a video that demands your complete attention from start to finish - and will no doubt create a buzz around awards season.

“The idea started from the human need we all have to defend ourselves from the pressures of the world," Amber Grace Johnson has explained. "In the most basic terms, the life of an artist can, at times, feel like a fight for your life. Your art consumes you, consoles you, and acts as a lifeline, and when you release it to the world it can feel dire, when exposing yourself so vulnerably.

"Originally, I was thinking back to a text exchange with my twin sister who shared some words during a time I needed most. Comparing our lives to being bullfighters, she reminded me that life is a fight and we cannot and will not fall off the bull… we must stay on the bull.”

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Rob Ulitski - 21st Apr 2023


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Amber Grace Johnson
Alex Chamberlain
Production Company
Executive Producer
Morgan Clement
Production Assistant
Harvey Moore


Director of Photography
Gaul Porat


Diego Vega
Lead Dancer
Andrea Bouothmane


Lead actor
Andrea Bouothmane


Erin Corrian-Alexis

Rob Ulitski - 21st Apr 2023

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