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Aitch 'Fuego' by Kelvin Jones

Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2022

Kelvin Jones directs an action-packed promo for Aitch.  

The video for Fuego boasts a handful of chaotic vignettes, which move at breakneck speed and are presented through a self-aware, contemporary internet lens.

The eccentric, full-on style is elevated by subtle computer animation effects, including a jarring 'buffering' scene, and melting, textural transitions - which very much match the Fuego vibes.

"When Aitch and I first sat down, we had a whole 8+ scene idea of fun things we could do, but as time went on we chopped it down to create order," says Jones. "Fuego symbolises fire so we wanted to have as much fiery stuff going on to capture the idea behind the track.  

"Shoot day was very fun, but we also had a lot to do to achieve the shot list. We played around with probe lenses and large format cameras to capture the depth of all of the scenes.

"We even got a grill made for Aitch that we sorted out days before the shoot so that he could wear it for the extreme close-up scenes. We always have fun with Aitch on set and he is willing to do most of the things I tell him for a great shot - ha ha. He even comes up with fun ideas that adds to the video to make it even better.

"We have a lot of chemistry, so it is usually a breeze and we are always on the same page. We also went all out and spent money on a car flip that our producer put forward to us. I then sent Aitch the reference video of the car flip and we said 'yep this needs to be in the video', so we made it happen no matter what."

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Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2022


  • Director's notes
  • Performance
  • Rap
  • Fire
  • Vignette
  • Animation
  • Large Format
  • Grill

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Kelvin Jones (ByKartix)
Lily Roberts
Production Company
Executive Producer
Nathan Killham
Production Manager
Liz Adeleye
1st AD
Marnz Brown
Production Assistant
Vanya Chulkov


Director of Photography
Matthew Hooshmand
Focus Puller
Alex Rawson
2nd AC
Riccardo Anjei
Horia Cojan


Jerzy Gudjonsson


Production designer
Macy Trieu Dingle
SFX Specialist
Keith Harding


Cora Delaney


Kelvin Jones


Megan Lee
Colour grade company


Director's Representation

Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2022

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