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Flowerovlove 'Get With You' (Live) by Amitybloc

Rob Ulitski - 4th Oct 2022

Amitybloc direct a live visual for South London teen musician Flowerovlove inspired by vintage TV shows . 

In the middle of a vibrant orange set, we see the artist - otherwise known as Joyce Cisse - perform Get With You alongside her backing musicians, captured via a multi-cam set up. 

Exuding nostalgic vibes and a sense of feel-good energy, the directing duo's latest video for South London teenager is a simple yet perfectly executed concept. 

"Flowerovlove had some really clear references and knew exactly what she wanted: an old skool TV broadcast performance like The Doors and Nancy Sinatra," say Amitybloc.

"We meticulously studied them day and night to spot any small things that united them all. Clearly destined for a multi-cam set up, we used broadcast cameras and a simple but stunning set design.

"Once the first edit was finished, it still didn’t feel quite complete. So we managed to track down one of the original MCs for ATV back in the 50s who would usually introduce the musical performances. Funnily enough, he got her name completely wrong calling her 'flowers for love' not flowerovlove. Fortunately flowerovlove did this strange look to camera right at the start of the performance so it ended up looking like she was reacting to the mispronoucnation live on air." 

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Rob Ulitski - 4th Oct 2022


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Rhory Danniells
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Director of Photography
Caitlin Ricaud

Rob Ulitski - 4th Oct 2022

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