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Nick Leng 'Morning/Midnight' by Josh Sondock

David Knight - 13th Apr 2022

Josh Sondock has directed an ingenious video for US singer-songwriter Nick Leng that dissembles the process of making a video - indeed the whole idea of image-creation - in one bravura continuous take.

It's a bit more complicated than that. Sondock's video for Leng's Morning/Midnight is a film with a Russian Doll structure - or perhaps reverse Russian Doll. Several performances of the track by Leng come together, layered on top of each other. We move outward from a performance that is revealed to be on a monitor, which is then part of a scene which includes Leng performing... and that is revealed to be a take, on a screen. We move out, and also back in, thorugh the increasing number of layers...

Sondock has described this as "a one-take music video in which a musician makes a one-take music video in which a musician makes a one-take music video in which a musician makes a one-take music video..." And so on. That is exactly what it is - but, conversely, that does not quite do it justice.

This has the rare quality of being a brilliant concept, which is quickly evident. But there is a uncharted end point, somewhere ahead, which keeps you hooked. Furthermore this idea has tremendous resonance - especially but not exclusively for filmmakers - meditating on the almost ludicrous ubiquity of screens in daily life.

Perhaps most crucially of all, this is all about a great (and quite complicated) idea, executed well, and with great clarity. An exercise in smart creativity that makes it one of the most satisfying watches of the year so far.

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David Knight - 13th Apr 2022


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Josh Sondock
Leon Derriey
Production Company
Service Company
LFR Productions
Executive Producer
Nathan Killham
Production Coordinator
Matt McCann
Production Assistants
Xavier Veal & Amel Puric
Don Shapira


Director of Photography
Andrea Gavazzi
1st AC
Tom Fenaille
2nd AC
Oliver Finley


John Izaparte
David Persaud


Production designer
Brad Bailey


Aubrey Woodiwiss


Director's Representation


Alex Barratt
Set Dresser
Cyrus Howlett

David Knight - 13th Apr 2022

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