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M Huncho & Headie One 'Warzone' by KC Locke

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Feb 2022

KC Locke directs an explosive promo for M Huncho & Headie One's Warzone. 

Deep in the trenches, we see the artists perform amongst the chaos of conflict and confrontation, paying no mind to the dangers of the battlefield around them. 

"When Huncho and team approached me about the Warzone track and the brief of the video feeling like a WW1 movie I was instantly into writing something explosive!," explains Locke. "Being a big fan of 1917, I really wanted to try create a video which had some progressive longer takes with seamless transitions like 1917 but in our own way."

The high-octane concept presents an unexpected backdrop for the visuals, and the special effects and quickfire edit keep the project punchy and snappy throughout. 

"I’m really having fun at the moment combining in camera effects with carefully planned seamless CGI transitions, and world building to make each video I do feel different and new, while always setting creative challenges for the team! This video for us was a showcase of multidisciplinary techniques woven together seamlessly in our own way with a modern take on a WW1 WARZONE." Locke continued. 

The location is another key part of the visual, a maze of trenches which create a minacious, cinematic atmosphere. 

"The location was always going to be the most important thing for this type of creative, once Lewis Nicholson (producer) discovered this amazing location, we knew we had stuck gold and had the perfect backdrop for our video.

"The art team - lead by Jenny O'Sullivan - did an amazing job on bringing this location to life with so many details and texture along with the SFX team who really came with a bang!

"I put a lot of time into prep with a pre-decided scene layout & structure for the video. I left important pockets in the edit in particular scenes for Jamil Shaukat (editor) to really shine and bring out the performance and musicality of the edit, which as a result gives a really interesting and progressive feel to the video between scenes. Some scenes breath while the choreography of explosions, SFX and camera moves live, while other scenes are cut together quicker and seamlessly showcasing the artists performance and story.

"This musicality we tried to carry across every scene of the video - for example bombs exploding on certain bass and beats within the song, to CGI transitions linked to lyrics and gun fire on adlibs which I feel really help immerse you in the video."

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Rob Ulitski - 22nd Feb 2022


  • Warzone
  • Battlefield
  • Special Effects
  • Seamless
  • VFX
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KC Locke
Lewis Nicholson
Production Company
Swords & Eagles
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner
Production Manager
Ella Taylor-Palfrey
1st AD
Luke Goodrich


Director of Photography
Matthew Emvin Taylor
Focus Puller
Louis Vella


Nick Platt
Lee Symington, Jack Skipper, Ian Stevens


Production designer
Jenny O’Sullivan
Art Dept
Ed Kelly


Stylist (Artist)
Ruby Diamond
Stylist (Artist)
Berni Shaw


Jamil Shaukat
Editing company
Swords & Eagles


Colour Producer
Charlie Morris
Alex Gregory
Colour grade company


Post Producer
Jamil Shaukat


Director's Representation


Noha Hussein


Stunt Co-ordinator
Billy Davey
Armoury FX

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Feb 2022

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