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Holly Humberstone 'Scarlett' by Raja Virdi

Rob Ulitski - 13th Sept 2021

Raja Virdi's latest video for regular collaborator Holly Humberstone takes her on a truck driven by her best friend - and subject of the song.

Trawling up and down a moving arctic lorry, Humberstone gives an exhilarating performance, whilst best friend Scarlett drives it down an airport runway.

“I really love the video for this track, the song is about my bestie Scarlett so she had to be in the video - especially after being named an ‘emotional grim reaper’" Humberstone explains. 

"The two of us break into an airport hanger, steal and spray paint an arctic truck, then I perform on the back of it as Scar drives it down the runway. It was honestly the most fun and so jokes. I was clinging on as I was being thrown about. If you look closely the guitar I throw off the truck is the same one from my very first video for Deep End and the banners were at my London shows at O’Meara!!

"I really hope it feels as empowering to watch as it did to be on the back of it performing!! Loved how ironic the ‘bad British weather’ line is when we got the nicest sunset going for the video.”

Breathtaking and liberating in equal measure, Raja and Holly have knocked it out the park once again. 


I love that it's got people talking... 'how did the label sign that off with health and safety?' 

“This is probably one of my favourite videos - and shoot days - that I’ve had the pleasure to direct and in my opinion is the best Holly video yet. Holly is a trooper with every situation I put her through and she always gives the best performance.

"I knew it was a good concept when I couldn’t find anything else similar as a reference. Trying to find original ideas can be tough, but I’m glad we succeeded with this one. I love this tune too - it’s my favourite one so far from Holly, so I’m glad we got to do such an outlandish concept for it, whilst also including Holly’s best mate Scarlett too (who the song is written about).

"I’ve realised that with all of the Holly videos they’re best described as “seemingly simple concepts, executed very well” - yet in reality they are some of the biggest logistical nightmares lol. With that, I couldn’t have made this without my team; Josh and Holly for their continued trust and collaboration since the beginning, my new family at Noir for a sensational production, DoP Sam Meyer for lensing this so superbly (alongside his Traktion team and tracking vehicle), Adam Kirley for the insane stunt work, Johan and the team at tk-fx for adding the sprinkle and my colourist Connor Coolbear at ETC for giving it that colourful goodness.

"I love that this video has got people talking - 'how did you do that concept?', 'how did the label sign that off with health and safety?!', etc. I guess people will find out when the BTS is released…"

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Rob Ulitski - 13th Sept 2021


  • Director's notes
  • Pop
  • Arctic Lorry
  • Liberating
  • Hijack
  • Airport
  • Runway
  • Performance

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Rob Jelley
Production Company
Executive Producer
Javier Alejandro
Executive Producer
Greg Smith
1st AD
James Dyer


Director of Photography
Sam Meyer
Focus Puller
Benjy Kirkman
2nd AC
Adam Kavanagh


Jasper Clarkson


Hair & Make-up
Emma Regan
Amy Holden-Brown


Connor Coolbear
Colour grade company


Post Producer
Oliver Whitworth


Director's Representation


Semera Khan
Louis Danckwerts

Other credits

HH Creative Director

Josh Sanger

Production Assistants

Katie Hackett & Jens Klitnielsen

Production Runners

Hunnigan Webster, Jonny Faulkner & Thomas Beck

Stunt Coordinator

Adam Kirley

Stunt Rigger

Yasmine Tate

Precision Driver

Niki Faulkner

Tracking Vehicle Driver

Mauro Cole

Tracking Vehicle Arm Tech

Louis Vella

Tracking Vehicle Head Tech

Ken Ronin


Anthony Leung

Sound Assistant

Ricky Barber

Graffiti Artist

Francesca Frankis

Graffiti Artist Assistant

Grace Palmer

Covid Officer

Scott Owen

Sprinter Driver

Neville Nyack

Stylist Assistant

Jessie Rose

VFX Supervisor

Johan Barrios

VFX On-Set Assistant

Ben Imber

VFX Lead

Salvatore Lo Cascio

VFX Artist

Amir Pa’afshar

VFX Cleanup

Hasan Khan, Rohaman Sabbir, Nagendra Moond

Tracking Vehicle


Camera Kit

Procam Take 2

Lighting Kit

Green Kit

Truck Hire

Clive Shaw Trucking & Star Car Hire

Production Kit

Gas Production Hire


Deep End Management

Rob Ulitski - 13th Sept 2021

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