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Joey Maxwell 'Infrared' by Amitybloc

Rob Ulitski - 25th June 2021

Joey Maxwell enters a surreal dreamworld after a chance encounter with a beautiful customer, in Amitybloc's promo for Infrared. 

Starting as an bored supermarket checkout attendant who is willing the day away however he can, the video progresses into a hallucinatory trip full of swirling colours, glowing limbs and... a broccoli puppet playing a saxophone. 

Maxwell dives head-first into the role, whilst the surreal progression of the editing and use of super wide-angle lenses and camera trickery pulls viewers into this absurd world.

Maybe things are not so bad after all...


We just wanted to make something that everyone could have fun watching. 

"The video is about how life looks and feels different when you meet someone you instantly fall in love with. Joey had discussed before how intimately this track was about his own relationship, and it would have been too easy to “video-fy” that one experience he had.

"Instead we just wanted to make something that everyone could have fun watching whether it was directly about falling in love or not.

"Using GoPros to distort perspectives and stretching body parts has steadily been developing inside amitybloc's toybox, but it also informed how the rest of the video should be made: completely through the eyes of a child.

"By the time the broccoli saxophonist idea was born, it all made sense in the new world that was created."

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Rob Ulitski - 25th June 2021


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  • Surreal
  • Shopping
  • Supermarket
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Jamie Alexander


Director of Photography
Henry Gill
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Jannick Fjeldsøe


Andi Chu
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Joanna Szyczewska

Rob Ulitski - 25th June 2021

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