Rob Ulitski - 15th Apr 2021

Fred Rowson reunites with Olly Alexander and Years & Years in a thoroughly joyful new video for single Starstruck - choreographed by Sherrie Silver.

It's the band's first release since Alexander’s breakthrough acting role in Russell T Davies’s TV drama It’s A Sin, and marks the return of Rowson to music video after a busy year making commercials and hunkering down to write his first feature film. And the result of their reunion is a delight - an outpouring of impish energy from the band's frontman, who utilises his on-screen charisma to inhabit not one but two versions of himself.

Shot in the Hotel Café Royal in Piccadilly Circus in London - a gorgeously luxurious location made available as a result of the pandemic - the pyjama and dressing gown-clad Alexander looks uncertainly into one of its many ornate mirrors, and then finds himself facing a seriously adoring fan - his own döppelgänger.        

The entire video is the interplay between the two Ollys, masterfully shot and made cartoonishly entertaining by the choreography by Sherrie Silver, the Rwandan-born choreographer and dancer who shot to fame when she worked with Donald Glover on the video for Chilish Gambino's This Is America, and other projects.

DoP Jaime Feliu-Torres makes full use of the lavish location, with silky-smooth Steadicam work throughout - especially in challenging scenarios, including multiple chase scenes - and the art direction and styling feel perfectly fitting, with an opulent yet contemporary spin. 

In short, this is a wonderfully charming comeback for Alexander, who has the zesty energy of a newcomer, balanced with the experience of an industry pro - and also for Fred Rowson, quite possibly the UK's best dressed music video director...


"Knowing that It's A Sin was soon to be released, but not knowing the massive impact it would have, Olly was clearly keen to create something totally different to what came before. Like the music, it represents all the things that we missed in 2020 - colour, joy, energy, comedy.

It represents all the things that we missed in 2020 - colour, joy, energy, comedy.

"This is light years away from the world that we created for Palo Santo on the last album, and all the better for it. We assembled an incredible team to bring Olly's vision to life, and I had my own starstruck moment when choreographer Sherrie Silver came on board. I've been desperate to work with her for years, and she did not disappoint; her wild, inspired ideas elevated the concept at every turn. She, Olly and I became like a three-headed monster, all adding jokes, dance moves and suggestions for shots.

"This kind of atmosphere attracts the best crew, and we were blessed with an amazing team, who pulled this off on a crazily tight schedule. Huge love to everyone at Blink, and on the production, who gave us the means to create something wild. I can't wait to see where Years & Years go next."

Sherrie, Olly and I became like a three-headed monster...


"Fred is a joy to work with. He’s a meticulous planner and fosters a uniquely collaborative environment when making a music video.

"I’m super pleased he’s back in the music video game because I missed him when he was annoyingly focussed on a feature and all of those commercials."

PRO Credits


DirectorFred Rowson
ProducerRosie Brear
Production CompanyBlink
Executive ProducerPaul Weston
Executive ProducerLaura Northover
Production ManagerRachel Bashford
1st ADAndrew Potter
Director of PhotographyJaime Feliu-torres
Focus PullerAnil Duru
Clapper LoaderMarti Guiver
SteadicamRichard Lewis
GafferJulian White
Art DirectorJennifer Gardiner
WardrobeNicholas Royal
HairShiori Takahashi
HairHiroshi Matsushita
Make-upPorsche Poon
ChoreographerSherrie Silver
EditorSamuel Marr
ColouristRichard Fearon
Post production companyBlack Kite Studios
Post ProducerTamara Mennell
Other creditsGrip Trainee - Moses Ogundeji DIT - Ollie Hadlow-Martin Video Playback - Nat Valente Sparks - Jaime Legge, Beau Gallacher Set Assistants - Daniel Miles, Lydia Reed Styling Assistant - Alicia Rodriguez Body Double - Hugh Wyld Runners - Miles Lacey, Eleri Stone, Zak Mohammed Flame Op - Hugo Saunders Management - Martha Kinn, Michael Smith Label Rep - Louis Danckwerts

Rob Ulitski - 15th Apr 2021

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