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Griff 'Black Hole' (Live at Hackney Church) by Thomas Ralph

Promonews - 8th Mar 2021

New pop hope Griff turns in a splendid live performance of Black Hole in Thomas Ralph's film shot at the newly restored Hackney Church. In the process it shifts from infinite darkness to space and light, and then back and forth between day and night.

Griff is initially seen against total blackness - actually a black infinity wall that is revealed as such when the camera moves outwards to reveal the location and the teenage singer's fellow musicians. Then the church is revealed and a sense of space and light streaming from a giant stained glass window is a real mood-lifter.

Most importantly of all, Griff reveals herself as a genuinely exciting talent with a great version of this excellent song.


This was one of those rare projects where every turn and challenge the piece evolved for the better.

“The idea was to keep it simple yet absorbing; capturing the full live energy of Griff and her band in a way that felt more than your standard live session.

"We used an endless feeling VBx2 infinity wall to reflect the ‘Black Hole’ theme - a visual that was exciting and technically challenging due to its infancy - and a shifting day-to-night edit across two roughly similar full performances. Doing so allowed Griff and her band to take centre stage whilst their performance is inter-cut between natural daylight and a stylised look as if they’re inside a black hole.

"The icing on the cake was being the first band to perform and crew to film in the beautifully restored Hackney Church; you could almost smell the new paint. This was one of those rare projects where every turn and challenge the piece evolved for the better; unexpectedly shifting and shaping into something so simple, yet so mesmeric.”

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Promonews - 8th Mar 2021


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Thomas Ralph
Lana Salfiti
Production Company
Executive Producer
Daniella Manca
Production Manager
Anna Horlick
1st AD
Ben Keswick


Director of Photography
Jordan Buck
1st AC
Ali Baines
2nd AC
Josh Tilley
Jake Whitehouse
Film Lab


Bill Rae Smith


Charlie Von Rotberg
Editing company
Edit Producer
Angela Hart


Tim Smith
Colour Producer
Ray Okudzeto
Colour grade company


Warner Records

Other credits


Giulia Balsamo

Production Runner

Izzy Petherbridge

Camera Trainee

Grace Pogonoski


Marina Lewin, Chris Dumont


Nonso Onwuta

Promonews - 8th Mar 2021

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