Rob Ulitski - 4th Feb 2021

Young Replicant rounds off his visual trilogy for Sam Dew, with the intriguing promo for DJ.

This is the third video for Dew by Alex Takacs aka Young Replicant, in a series for the singer's debut album Moonlit Fools, which follows a network of mysterious workers, unseen by anyone, who deliver bubblegum card-like messages in the middle of the night. These then act as catalysts for emotion, stirring up heartache or desire in the recipients.

The delightful first video for NTWFL sets the scene for this enigmatic scenario.

Then in Gone, we begin to see the same action from a different perspective, adding characters and deepening the mystery in a classic noir style.

The video for DJ brings Sam Dew more to the forefront in a performance setting without compromising the overall dreamlike quality. A woman is drawn by the card of Dew to a screen in a carpark where she finds him and is then transported to a deserted beach, where another screen blots out the night sky.

Posing abstract questions about our purpose on Earth in the age of technology, and what might be stopping us from becoming our best selves, the video is painted with a melancholic aesthetic, mixing intimate, slice-of-life vignettes with jarring reminders of technological influence, in the form of these omnipresent screens and displays. 

Young Replicant has long been able to establishing a visual universe and internal logic to his work that is entirely unique, and he has refined that further in this trilogy. It's a lovely thing - while also being a terrific showcase for Sam Dew's talent as a vocalist.

PRO Credits


DirectorYoung Replicant
ProducerJordan Harkins
ProducerWolf Fleetwood Ross
Production CompanyPulse Films
Executive ProducerHolly Harding
Executive ProducerRik Green
Production ManagerSteve C. Wood
Director of PhotographyDustin Lane
Focus PullerErick Aguilar
2nd ACLeigh Stiepel
GafferBrice Bradley
Art DirectorMelanie Cyze 
ColouristMike Howell
Grading companyColor Collective
VFXMad Ruffian
Director's RepresentationDoug Klinger
CommissionerDanna Takako

Rob Ulitski - 4th Feb 2021

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