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Baby Queen 'Raw Thoughts' by Hannah Berry George

Rob Ulitski - 26th Jan 2021

It's all a matter of perspective in Hannah Berry George's latest promo for Baby Queen. 

Shot across three different formats - on Alexa, DV cam and Snorricam - with Bella Latham (aka BQ) and friends on location in a deserted Margate - the video for Raw Thoughts meditates on expectation versus reality, and the twists and turns of everyday life. 

It's a dynamic, spirited visual, mirroring the highs and lows of the track, and elevated by DoP Kia Fern Little's multifaceted cinematography.


Shooting in Margate with Bella and her closest friends gave a sense of freedom and escape that we’re all craving right now. 

"This is a film about the chaos in spontaneity. We go on this wild ride with Bella feeling every bump and curve of her emotions – a rollercoaster of twists and turns that I think many of us can especially identify with right now.

"We used multimedia to form three separate views of the world: that of the onlooker on the Alexa; that of the group on the DV cam; and that of Bella on the Snorri. Something which I felt important was to show how differently someone can be feeling compared to how it may look from the outside, and how you can be surrounded by people who love you yet feel so alone.

"Shot in Margate, with Bella and her closest friends, it gave us that sense of freedom and escape that we’re all craving right now. The need to get away, get it out of our systems, and live something that is close to how we remember what normal used to be.

"Bella is as honest in person as she is in her lyrics. She was incredible to work with and clear in what she was looking for when I was sent the brief. The whole cast brought their A-game and a spirit fuelled by the enthusiasm of camaraderie, throwing themselves into every setup and shot with no qualms and an open mind. While DOP Kia Fern Little worked around them to capture the stylised documentary vibe I was going for beautifully."

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Rob Ulitski - 26th Jan 2021


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Hannah Berry George
Oli Falcon
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ben Falk
Production Manager
Cesci Shephard


Director of Photography
Kia Fern Little
Focus Puller
Avide Scalenghe Migliarini
2nd AC
Tami Diaz


Matt Bohun


Andre Rodrigues
Editing company
Assembly Rooms


Myles Bevan
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts


Post Producer
Joshua Gomez


Director's Representation
OB Management


Semera Khan

Rob Ulitski - 26th Jan 2021

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