Promonews - 17th July 2020

Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia take the intimate and make it spectacular in their video for Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez.

Starting with the Trevor and Selena's performance of Past Life - brought together from their respective isolation by Instagram Live - Heymann and Muggia then characteristically move it on to a far greater scale, with unbridled imagination - but also using the resources available to them during the lockdown.

When the fourth wall of the phone screen is broken, a GGI world is created and that's a pathway to a merging of landscapes - the natural wonders of the world with contours of Selena's face. And then also Trevor's.

It's a visionary use of stock footage, somewhat in the vein of Heymann and Muggia's classic video for Coldplay's Up&Up, and the sweeping aerial shots across marvellous vistas also serve to make it appropriately romantic.  

PRO Credits


DirectorVania Heymann
DirectorGal Muggia
ProducerNatan Schottenfels
Production CompanyIconoclast
Executive ProducerNatan Schottenfels
ColouristTal Baltuch
Director's RepresentationJamie Rabineau
CommissionerMichelle An
Other creditsAdditional VFX: Yambo Studio, Vania Heymann, Tal Baltuch Macro Shots: Nadav Bagim Macro Model: Sheer Ziv Macro Shots Make Up: Ronelle Goshen

Promonews - 17th July 2020

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