Promonews - 13th Nov 2019

Bibi Zhou, a huge star in China in the Mandarin-language Mandopop genre, is transformed into an interdimensional puppetmaster, controlling the lives of characters in her orbit, in the gorgeous video directed by Jonathan Desbiens - aka Jodeb - for her new track Luna. 

Shot in Montreal and Iceland, with a cast of dancers situated in a remarkable selection of locations - brooding glaciers, basalt column caves, black sand beaches and moonlit lagoons - Jodeb has created a delightful, otherworldly piece, where Bibi Zhou is the spiritual rock, literally tied to these characters.

The rope that connects Bibi Zhou and the dancers over time and space is a simple but highly effective device in also creating a connection between Zhou, the dancers and the viewer. It is delivered with characteristic skill and conviction by Jodeb - aided in no small part by the brilliant cinematography by Kristof Brandl - and also invites the viewer to ponder on the metaphorical aspect of a piece in which the moon is also a force, like a character in itself. 

The artist may be only vaguely known to a Western audience, but this one stands up with Jodeb's finest work. A director at the top of his game. 


“The video is about inner struggle and desperate measures. I tried to make an epic painting in motion that creates a dualism between uncontrollable forces, such as the moon and gravity, and inner struggles that are universal to everyone. 

“I went for a subconscious idea of a strong beautiful woman fighting some inner demons/personas, illustrating the walls between her feelings. I like to put unlikely elements against each other, often an adult v child concept. It was an experiment in expression and style. I was looking to create a simple, effective experience where you would rather feel than understand the concept.

"For me, it’s a very liberating process to just let myself go with a simple theme that shouldn’t require clutter, and let my amazing collaborators play with it as well. It’s been an incredible experience both in Montreal and Iceland, with unbelievable dancers and a crew of friends.”

PRO Credits


Director of PhotographyKristof Brandl
Production CompanyPrettybird
Production CompanyColossale
Executive ProducerJuliette Larthe
Executive ProducerVlad Cojocaru
Head Of ProductionHannah May
Executive ProducerHannah Bellil
Production ManagerStefan Petrisor
ChoreographerAmy Gardner
StylistAJ Helie
Asst stylistBianka Roussel Marino
Asst stylistDaniel Dessureault Wright
Sound designTheo Porcet
CommissionerMichael Lewin
ProducerMathieu Leduc
1st ADStephane Bourdeau
1st ACMathieu Nadon
2nd ACCharles Durand-Morin
SteadicamHugo Longtin
Art DirectorJF Clement
Service CompanyHero Productions, Iceland
ProducerBui Baldvinsson
Line ProducerThora Margrétardóttir
Location ManagerAlfred Gíslason
Focus PullerMichael Hannides
2nd ACRútur Skaeringur
Other creditsSound Studio: Cult Nation @Cultnation Dancers: Stefanie Noll, Morgan Williams, Maeva Berthelot, Mehdi Baki, Kevin Bago Associate Producer @ Colossale: London Summers Production Manager: Smith @smithisfamous Video Assist: Ronald Casseus Key Grip: Stephane Leblanc BB Electric: Tony Pelletier, Loik Lessard BB Grip: Andre Caron, Samuel Dempsey Rosemberg, Jean Marc Plante Art Dept. Assist: Sofia Rojas, Paola Ridolfi Art Build: Mordicus Inc. Props Master: Julie Vigneault PAs (Montreal): Alexis Tremblay, Arnaud Provencal, Edouard Provencal Key PA: Finni Runners (Iceland): Ingimundur Viktor Helgason, Malwina Bieniawska, Sigrun Erlingsdottir, Tota Van Helzing

Promonews - 13th Nov 2019

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