Promonews - 26th Mar 2019

Sigrid sits alone in a waiting room, in Zhang + Knight's video for Don't Feel Like Crying - an apt visual metaphor for that time when you're wondering when some heavy feelings are going to kick in.

The directing duo also use a subtle change of bright colour to reflect shifting emotion - and idea that's well executed in Ruben Wooden-Dechamps lovely cinematography, and the grade by Jonny Thorpe.


"To us, colour and Sigrid are synonymous with one another; everything in her world is infused with bright, happy colours… which terrified us as our work often inhabits a dark, melancholic space! We reflected on the track for a few days, and suddenly Hopper sprang to mind: his paintings are often sunny and vibrant, but they evoke a real sense of sadness and longing. This happy/sad contradiction really resonated with us, and totally captured the energy of Sigrid’s song.

"That was the birth of the idea: Sigrid is displaced into a saturated waiting room which subtly transforms from being joyful and warmly-coloured to melancholic and blue. So it’s a simple idea which tells the song’s emotional story through bright colours. It was crucial to us that the visual tricks were subtle, so we concealed them during long, fluid camera takes."

PRO Credits


DirectorZhang + Knight
Production ManagerTom O'Driscoll
1st ADShea Bradley
Director of PhotographyRuben Woodin Dechamps
Focus PullerAnthony Hugill
2nd ACMahalia John
SteadicamAndrew Bainbridge
GafferBill Rae Smith
Art DirectorZoe Klinck
WardrobeTaff Williamson
Make-upGabriella Floyd
EditorEllie Johnson
Editing companyTenThree
ColouristJonny Thorpe
Grading companyGlassworks
CommissionerLaura Clayton
LabelIsland Records
Other creditsElectricians: Caspar Jones, Callum Crisell, Matt Dickinson Rigger: Andrew Thompson Video Op: Peter Hodgson Art Dept: Tea Mulabdic, Louis Toledo, Poppy Riddle, Tara Royston Construction: Perspective Productions Runner: Ben Keswick, Amy Madden, Lucy Feng, Diane Assiri

Promonews - 26th Mar 2019

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