Promonews - 13th Feb 2019

Rebecca Lucy Taylor aka Self Esteem, gives a great performance of The Best in an intriguing setting - among the artworks of the Proudick exhibition that ran in London from November to January.

The Proudick show was a collaboration between artists Paloma Proudfoot and Lindsey Mendick, and Taylor also took part in a performance evening at the show in November, which culminated in a hot dog-eating contest. Piers Dennis directs her around the art pieces, starting and finishing in one of the twin beds in the show inspired by Tracy Emin.  


I couldn’t tell if the space had been created for the song, or the song for the space.

"Walking into the Proudick show is like walking into a fantastical visual version of The Best. The vibrant surface colours quickly giving way to much more interesting themes. Materials and objects we know and associate with simpler, happier things -  twisted and repurposed to reflect things much deeper and darker. 

"I couldn’t tell if the space had been created for the song, or the song for the space. I want this video to do the same."

Watch 'Self Esteem 'The Best' by Piers Dennis' here

PRO Credits


DirectorPiers Dennis
ProducerKate Brady
Executive ProducerNatalie Arnett
Director of PhotographyMads Junker
SteadicamRaphael Urbain
WardrobeLucy Upton-Prowse
Make-upLisa Chau
EditorPiers Dennis
Grading companyStudio RM
Other creditsArt Installation: 'Proudick': a collaborative show by Lindsey Mendick and Paloma Proudfoot curated by Marcelle Joseph at Hannah Barry Gallery

Promonews - 13th Feb 2019

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