Promonews - 30th Jan 2019

Anna Radchenko directs a pulsatingly fast-moving work for exciting new artist Alice Chater - who sings and dances through an tricky operation to remove her heart in the video for Thief.


Alice and myself both loved the way Alexander McQueen portrayed his models: like those powerful mythical creatures.

"I was so inspired with Alice, her dancing skills, her voice, it just blew me away. When I joined the team, Alice and Mark Jennings, the amazing choreographer, already had an idea for the video: a story of an evil genius stealing a girl’s heart. So, I knew we had to make something completely awesome.

"We started discussing the idea and it turned out that we both were huge fans of Alexander McQueen. Alice and myself both loved the way he portrayed his models: like those powerful mythical creatures. We also drew inspiration from other strong characters, like LeeLoo Dallas from The Fifth Element. So, in our video Alice was this wonder woman. Luckily, our wonderful stylist, Lauren Anne Groves, shared our ideas and came up with super powerful looks.

"The idea for the story came from one of my favourite novels, The Collector by John Fowles. It is a story of a collector, who sought after butterflies, until once he decided he was missing a beautiful woman in his treasury. So, I wanted to make Alice that one who got away.

"And I also wanted to make an emphasis on the sisterhood feel of it: you see, the 'nurses' in the video were supposed to be helping the evil doctor, but they were also the victims of the thief (you could see a scar on the chest of one nurse when she leans over). So, they decide to get away – girl power to the max!"

PRO Credits


DirectorAnna Radchenko
ProducerJoshua Noon
Production CompanyKode Media
Executive ProducerNathan Killham
Production ManagerJamie Brewer
1st ADJames Dyer
Director of PhotographyEdgar Dubrovskiy
Focus PullerThomas Nicholson
2nd ACChris Rogers
GafferDanny Hayward
ChoreographerMark Jennings
Art DirectorAnthony Neale
WardrobeLauren Groves
HairAlex Price
Make-upRhea Le Riche
EditorSamantha Neale
ColouristToby Tomkins
Grading companyCHEAT
Director's RepresentationCarrie Sutton
CommissionerAilsa Robertson
Other creditsGrip: Cassius McCabe Crane Tech: Simon Priestman

Promonews - 30th Jan 2019

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