Promonews - 15th Jan 2019

In the vast desert, a medieval knight is having a spot of bother remounting his horse after a fall, in Eoin Glaister’s existential and Quixotic comedy to herald the return of Beirut.

As well as suffering at the hands of his stubborn steed, our hero finds himself being stalked by his mortal, black-armoured foe. And then mysteriously drawn into a wintry forest to save a comely, chastity belt-wearing damsel. Or is all a fantasy, induced by the heat of the desert?

Featuring Ian Beattie - from Game of Thrones - as the hapless knight, and mostly set against the spectacular backdrop of the Kazakhstan desert, the Landslide video is Eoin Glaister's first music video since joining Stink Films at the end of last year. He has teamed up again with Stink EP Katie Lambert, who says: "Thank God Eoin is back and making videos. Saying I 'missed him' is too much, but I'm certainly relieved now."

Watch 'Beirut 'Landslide' by Eoin Glaister' here

PRO Credits


DirectorEoin Glaister
ProducerYerkebulan Kurishbayev
ProducerMartha McGuirk
Production CompanyStink Films
Executive ProducerKirill Roschin
Executive ProducerKatie Lambert
Director of PhotographyNicholas Booth
Focus PullerAleksandr Akhremenko
EditorChris Roebuck
VFXDaniel Hawkins
Production designerSergey Kryukov
Director's RepresentationHands London
ColouristMarty McMullan
Other creditsLocation Manager: Abdulkhakov Rustamjyon Cast Agency - Casting Director - Alla Corsak Casting Asst. - Gladkih Roman Damsel - Yelena Agapova Camera Crew - Yuriy Yur'yev Grips/electrician - Ruslan Salamov Runner - Amin Aleksandrov Director Of The Stunts Team “Nomad”- Zhaydarbek Kunguzhinov Stunts- Murat Yelkenov, Niyazov Renat, Iskakov Aidos Online - Silk Grade - Marty McMullan Graphics - Tim Brockbank Chastity Belt Consultation - Lucy Upton Prowse Knight - Ian Beattie

Promonews - 15th Jan 2019

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