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Jay Rock 'For What It's Worth' by Matilda Finn

Lassamie Prasimay - 20th Nov 2018

Matilda Finn creates a moving collage to reflect Jay Rock's political words to For What It's Worth, bringing to life the characters in his lyrics as they appear like ghosts along the sidewalk.

In contrast to the pale linear tracking shot, the visuals suddenly plunge into darkness midway through the video, capturing closer and more intimate portraits. Finn masterfully causes tension through the raw reality of the situations depicted in this video, mainly shot in neutral monochrome tones, but then breaking into a powerful midnight blue.

Matilda Finn has just signed to Stink Films for commercial and music video representation in the UK. Katie Lambert, EP of Music at Stink in London, says: "We’re overjoyed. I feel like Matilda is a unique voice and artist. I cannot wait to see what we do next."

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Lassamie Prasimay - 20th Nov 2018


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Matilda Finn
Ryan Huffman
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ryen Bartlett
Production Manager
Andrew Chennisi
Production Coordinator
Julia Dillard
1st AD
Jesse Hays


Director of Photography
Nicolai Niermann
Focus Puller
Noah Ramos
2nd AC
Jenny Roh (Hee Mein)


Shawn Anderson


Production designer
Cody Fusina


Lisa Madonna
Hair & Make-up
Marlaine Reiner


Matilda Finn


Simone Grattarola
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts


Director's Rep (UK)

Other credits

2nd AD

Amanda Spinella

2nd 2nd AD

Chris Taylor, Militza Guzman


Carlos Salazar, Sam Stone, Talia Miller, Stephen Levin, Geoffrey Gross, Catherine Villante, Shane Humphrey, Erin Williams, Justin Rypma

1st AC Prep

Joe Cheung


Jon Grace

Key Grip

Nicholas Favorite


Jason Klinger


Erik Martin


Alex Ojeda


Chris Hartsell

Luminair Operator

Jeffery Taylor


Troy Montgomery

Art Director

Lilly Escobar

Art Coordinator

Zach Burnett

Set Decorator

Dorian Davies

Art Assistant

Caleb Steinmeyer

Set Dresser

Kyle Leeser

Stylist Assistant

Ebony Brown, Sylvie Spencer

HMU Assistant

Dollie Anderson

Artist Barber

Maurice Manley

Artist Stylist

Dianne Garcia

Artist Stylist Assistant

Lisa Li


Ignacio Martinez

Sound Mixer

Neil Koperek

Animal Handler

Rick Nyberg

Picture Car Coordinator

Nhan Vo

Picture Cars

American Limousine

Studio Teacher

Max Zarou


Alex in the Kitchen (Rodo)

Craft Services

Anastasia Savko

Police Officer

Scott Aldrich

Police Officer

Doug Caples

Police Officer

Micheal Chapman

Police Officer

David Carbajal

Motion Control Operator

Paul Maples

Motion Control Tech

Adam Francis

Motion Control Tech

Chris Paxson

Assistant Editor

Sebastian Xander

Storyboard and treatment artist

Joseph Icaro (waxwings)

Casting Director

Sarah-May Levy

Visual Effects by Method Studios

VP, Executive Producer

Angela Lupo

VFX Supervisor

Gong Myung Lee

Senior CG Supervisor

Ivan Guerrero

Comp Supervisor

Ryan Leonard

VFX Producer

Alyssa Giuliano

VFX Coordinator

Kate Fitzpatrick

VFX Flame Lead

Mario Caserta

VFX Flame

Jared Pollack

Modeler/Texture Artist

Da Kim


Goran Ognjanovic, Matt Hackett, Chris Devito


Chris Devito


Ohad Bracha

FX Artist

Ryan Hussain


Da Kim & Frank Grecco

Nuke Artists

Ryan Leonard & Chad Herrada



India Williams AKA Indi

Police Officer 1

Carrigo Obezo

Police Officer 2

Christopher Cano

Flower Woman 1

Yuny Parada

Flower Woman 2

Alicia Parada

Flower Woman 3

Yvonne Ronceros

Flower Woman 4

Gale Netherly

Homeless Man

Michael London

Old Man 1 (Silhouette Guy)

Gregory Phillips

Old Man 2

Arthur Fuller

Old Man 3

Pete Mhunzi

Man 1

Widson Charlemont

Man 2

Kashif Uqdah

Man 3

West Of 33 ( Dwayne Henry)

Man 4

Keion Adams

Man 5

Toavon Sheats

Man 6

Alan Ellison

Man 7

Jared Green

Man 8

Dave Coresh

Man 9

Deron Cash

Man 10

Jovan Ford

Woman 1

Cheyenne Curtis

Woman 2

Princess Princess Asia Diamond Dixon

Woman 3

Male Dane (Kenny Perkins)

Woman 4

Netta Norris

Woman 5

Mary Cruz

Woman 6

Meica Bradshaw

Woman 7

J-Me Kasten

Pregnant Woman 1

Sylvia Kochinski

Pregnant Woman 2

Zevanya Gardner

Boy 1

Emmett Matthews

Boy 2

Shawn Reece

Boy 3

Sebastian Ross

Boy 4

Tyresse Damin

Boy 5

Ian "E.J." Mccown

Boy 6

Armant Patton Britton

Girl 1 (Twin)

Lexi Crouch

Girl 2 (Twin)

Xandi Crouch

Special thank you to Ian Pons Jewell, Sebastian Hinds, Joseph Icaro

Lassamie Prasimay - 20th Nov 2018

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