Emma K - 19th July 2018

Max Siedentopf - who recently joined Riff Raff Film's new talent department Nursery Of Evil – directs this bonkers new video for Dutch band De Likt. 

It's an in-your-face satire of the self-obsessed culture in which we have all become so immersed, the social media fads, and the ridiculous levels of narcissism its encouraging. To make his point, Siedentopf removes the phones out of the picture. And the relentless pace to his cartoonish approach gives it an faintly aggressive edge. 


"The video takes an ironic look at our selfie-obsessed culture. We see a range of different people and how far they would go just to be seen on social media. Themes that are currently very present on social media like vegan juice diets, photos of coffee, and of course, couples yoga are taken to the extreme.

"The video starts by showing overly happy people photographing themselves and showing how great their lives are, but as the song progresses we see that not all is that perfect and it slowly becomes too much to point that eventually everything breaks down."

Watch 'De Likt 'Zelf Doen' by Max Siedentopf' here

PRO Credits


DirectorMax Siedentopf
ProducerIndia Bradshaw
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerNatalie Arnett
1st ADTom Wynebourne
Director of PhotographyNicholas Eriksson
GafferYan Murawski
Art DirectorCharlie Grumbar
WardrobeBrydie Perkins
HairDanielle Farrington
Make-upDanielle Farrington
EditorAndre Rodrigues
Editing companyWhite House Post
ColouristPhil Hambi
Post production companyMPC
LabelOn Track
Other creditsCO PRODUCER: Laura Thomas Smith FOCUS PULLER: Phil Heron VIDEO PLAYBACK: Jack Driver

Emma K - 19th July 2018

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