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Punctual 'What I Love' by Geej Ower

David Knight - 7th July 2017

Geej Ower has created a properly heartwarming video for Punctual's infectiously feelgood What I Love – and that's all down to a very talented kid in a yellow sweatshirt and big cap called Okiki.

With bundles of personality, energy and dance skills, Okiki may not have reached double figures yet, but he commands the screen on his own, as he saunters and dances through the Peckham estate where he lives, before heading for a rooftop of his block, to hook up with his equally delightful sister Elizabeth.

The final drone shot places the kids as specks of joy in the bigger landscape of the imposing Dawson Heights estate in South East London, with the whole of London beyond. It's not only a breathtaking shot, but a poignant moment.  



"I wanted to make a video that was just super happy, to try and capture the energy and pure joy of kids when they dance and hopefully give people the same feeling when they watched it.

"We knew casting would be key in this, we weren't after a trained dancer but just a child who could freestyle naturally and loved to move. Myself and Aleks the producer both knew of Okiki from living in Peckham and when it came to casting he immediately came to our minds. His family have a business in Copeland estate so him and his sister Elizabeth are usually hanging about there after school making mates with everyone, riding their bikes around and dancing. I don't think we could have made this video with anyone else, they're both just the kindest little souls with such brilliant energy.

"Dawson Heights is this estate in Dulwich that towers over South East London, its got so much texture and architectural interest to it which made it the perfect setting for the video; I wanted it to feel like this whole building was his playground and that he was the boss of it."

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David Knight - 7th July 2017


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Geej Ower
Aleksandra Bilic
Production Company
My Accomplice
Executive Producer
Jamie Clark
Production Manager
Imogen Harrison
1st AD
Jack Meredith


Director of Photography
Charlie Goodger
Focus Puller
Michael Hob
Grant Sandy Phillips


Art Director
Elena Isolini


Colour grade company


Director's Representation
Alexa Haywood @ Freeagent


Dan Harris

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Drone Operator

Stem Studios

David Knight - 7th July 2017

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