Cat Velez - 26th Oct 2015

Florence Welch faces her final demons - as well as an actual demon - in this intense video for Delilah, chapter six of the How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful odyssey by Vincent Haycock. 

It follows What Kind Of Man, St. Jude, Ship To Wreck, Queen of Peace and Long & Lost, and sees a Florence at the epicentre of spiritual chaos, playing out with expected dramatic furor in a filmically drab motel.

The video starts out with a scene in the motel's reception as Florence listens to a preacher's counsel concerning her loss of faith. Soon after, she enters a vortex of religious symbolism, characterised by painterly compositions reminiscent of baroque paintings alongside sequences of what appear to be cult members in writhing prayer.

The video mirrors elements we've seen previously, such as the confrontational mob, the frenzied dance sequences and doubled Florences. However, Delilah is also full of thrilling and unexpected imagery such as a nightmarish vision of a demon looming over her sleep - inspired by gothic masterpiece The Nightmare – and the unveiling of Florence's double as someone else, someone who is not really her.  

PRO Credits


DirectorVincent Haycock
Executive ProducerJackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive ProducerMary Ann Marino
Head Of ProductionAnne Bobroff
Service ProducerAlex Fisch
Line ProducerCourtney Davies
Director of PhotographySteve Annis
Camera operatorBrian Freesh
1st ACRobby Hart
2nd ACCristy “Neo” Arboleda
LoaderBram Weinkselbaum
Production SupervisorJeremy Hartman
1st ADKenny Taylor
2nd ADMatt Thomas
GafferDrew Valenti
Key GripChris Bauer
Production designerJay Hougaard
Art CoordinatorNicolas Kelley
SFXTony Gardner
Costume designerNatasha Newman Thomas
HairNikki Providence
Make-up (Artist)Lisa Aharon
Make-up (Cast)Veronica Lane
Hair (Cast)Bailey Bute
SoundKai Morrison
EditorVincent Haycock
Sound MixTom Paolantonio
ColouristBrian Kahovec
StillsEmma Holley
Casting directorMichael Beaudry
ChoreographyHolly Blakey
Executive ProducerBob Brimson
Director's Rep (UK)Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
Other creditsAsst. Production Supervisor: Whitney Conroy Asst. Costume Designer: Lisa Madonna VTR: Matt Hillyer Florence Welch Double: Deena Thompson Dancers: Comfort, Patrick Ellis, Christopher Lewis, A'Drey Vinogradov, Ryan Spencer, Franchesca Bass, Jermaine Johnson Demon: Mark Munoz Hero Male: Allen Kepler Hotel Manager: George Woods Baraque Religious: Shey Lyn Zanotti Male: Richie Stephens Gangster: Deandre Jackson Religious Girl: Sydney Carter Religious Icon: Tara Parker Religious: Kai Cofer, Michael Caponer Dante: Hugo Bianqui

Cat Velez - 26th Oct 2015

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