Cat Velez - 7th Oct 2015

Can it be? A music video by Dougal Wilson? It is, and a delightful one at that.

The video is for Liverpudlian electronic-pop trio Stealing Sheep's track Apparition, and sees the artists themselves performing a choreography amongst a troupe of Morris dancers, handkerchief in hand.

Dougal tells The Guardian, “The idea for Apparition came from the fact that the song had a mysterious, hypnotic feeling, and the fact that I’ve always found Morris dancing slightly strange and psychedelic.” Wilson had been wanting to revisit the English folk dance since his video for Four Tet's As Serious As Your Life - a mashup of Morris dance clips set to the rythm of the music - done in 2003. 

He goes on to explain, "Since then, I’d always wanted to take the idea further by actually having a band learn Morris dancing themselves, and this seemed like an appropriate opportunity given the unexpected contrast of the girls’ personalities with the characters in a genuine Morris side."

Watch 'Stealing Sheep 'Apparition' by Dougal Wilson' here

PRO Credits


DirectorDougal Wilson
Production CompanyColonel Blimp
Production CompanyBlink
Executive ProducerPaul Weston
Executive ProducerJames Studholme
Head of Music VideoNathan James Tettey
ProducerCorin Taylor
Production ManagerBeatrice Warren
Production AssistantJack Bingham
Location ManagerRoss Kirkman
Director of PhotographyMarc Gomez de Moral
SteadicamThomas English
1st ADMatt Clyde
Art DirectionAndy Kelly
Costume designerNatalie Willis
EditorEd Cheeseman
Editing companyFinal Cut
ColouristJean-Clement Soret
Post production companyMPC
VFX SupervisorTom Harding
VFX SupervisorJonathan Box
VFX ProducerHannah Ruddleston
ChoreographyKristen McNally
ChoreographyRachel Yates
Other creditsVFX Team: Mike Cosgrave, Alexander Kulikov, Christopher Tang, Rashabh Bhutani, Elangovan Ganeshan, Alex J., Ambalika Nandy, Amresh Kumar, Dileep Kumar Neerla & Prashanth Palaparthi Morris Dancers: Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers, Oxford University Morris Men, Oxford City Morris Men Concept Assistance: Ursula Chandler

Cat Velez - 7th Oct 2015

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