Cat Velez - 27th Mar 2015

Greg Jardin was the mastermind behind the awe-inspiring stop-motion animated videos for Kira Grannis's In Your Arms, and Joey Ramone's New York City. But his latest for MAX's Gibberish  - and part of the impressive line-up of videos premeiered at the YouTube Music Awards earlier this week – demonstrates another side of his ingenuity. 

This hip-hop dance promo, filmed in a loft space, certainly looks like a one-shot video, and appears to be running backwards - apart from when its going forwards. In fact, it was achieved through minutely-detailed choreography by Laura Edwards, and precise motion-control rigging. Two sequences - one reversed and other with normal playback- have been merged into one captivating sequence. And put this in a special class of pop video.  


DirectorGreg Jardin
Executive ProducerJennifer Heath
ProducerGaren Barsegian
Production SupervisorNicole Shaw McCoy
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
Director of PhotographyDamian Acevedo
GafferBrent Poe
Key GripGino Nix
SoundChris Warren
Production designerEric Archer
Hair & Make-upKim Douglas
ChoreographerLaura Edwards
Motion CaptureSimon Wakley
Motion CaptureJason Rau
VFX SupervisorKyle Belko
VFXGeorge A. Loucas
GirlFrancia Raisa
Other creditsVTR: Jarrod Butler Choreographer's Assistant: Laura Quinn Dancers: Deshon Hamilton, Anthony Carr, Alex Welch, Bijoya Das, Luke Broadlick, Lee Daniel, Neico Joy, Martel Jackson

Cat Velez - 27th Mar 2015

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