Jimmy Brown - 21st Aug 2014

Jamie T is back - but frankly, he's not looking too good... 

For hs latest single Zombie, James Slater shoots Jamie and his band performing in a typical British boozer. Unfortunately they meet their untimely half-death at the start of the song, then go about ripping each other limb from limb in a manner befitting the finest of B movie horrors. Which utterly fails to pique the interest of the pub's punters... 

With excellent work from the prothetics team led by Natasha Lawes, we are in classic Brit zom-com territory of the Sean Of The Dead variety - showing that the zombies aren't only the ones with their arms dropping off.

PRO Credits


DirectorJames Slater
Production CompanyMy Accomplice
ProducerJamie Clark
Production AssistantMikael Nakkas
1st ADGeorge Nelson
2nd ADJamie Adams
Director of PhotographyJonathan Iles
Focus PullerTom Walden
GafferRichard Burnell
ElectricianKillian Drury
Art DirectorSam Skinner
ProstheticsNatasha Lawes
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
LabelEMI Records
CommissionerAilsa Robertson

Jimmy Brown - 21st Aug 2014

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