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Best Music Videos of 2019: Performance

Best Music Videos of 2019: Performance

Promonews - 31st Dec 2019

Our fourth and final list of the videos of the year deals with the artists who have used music videos to light up 2019. 

To quote ourselves from last year's Best Performance videos playlist: music videos turn pop stars into icons. This year was no exception. In fact, some of the same artists have returned with more stupendous videos: Rosalía, The 1975, Christine and Charli, separately and together (above).

This has been the year of Stormzy, of course, the all-conquering Vossi Bop and more; the return of Ed (helped out by hismate Stormzy); the phenomenon of Lil Nax X's Old Town Road; the punk-like charisma of Slowthai. There have been outstanding videos where the performance has been front and centre, and videos where it has served a great concept (Anna Meredith, Charly Bliss). Okay that definition of a "performance video" can get pretty blurry. 

And have we missed anything? Hell, yes...


Promonews - 31st Dec 2019


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