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Best Music Videos of 2016: Comedy

Best Music Videos of 2016: Comedy

David Knight - 20th Dec 2016

You only need to look at this playlist to see that comedy gas taken various forms in music videos, even when the dialogue is (usually) missing.

It can be zany, dark, visually clever, character-driven, physical, urbane, satirical, controversial, or downright daft. And in the case of the DJ Shadow/Run The Jewels' Nobody Speak, it may be the actual future. And that was one way to get around the dialogue problem (in fact, there often is dialogue too...).

So here is our list of our favourite comedic videos in 2016 - starting with AJJ's parody of the classic OK Go video, directed by Joe Stakun. For those familar with the oeuvre (and who isn't?) it pushes all the right buttons...


David Knight - 20th Dec 2016


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