Luke Bather - 7th June 2016

He's the cult comedian and director who has made some of the strangest music videos of the past decade. And now Eric Wareheim delivers an eye-popping NSFW visual tribute for Blonde Redhead by homaging the face-sitting art of Namio Harukawa.

The video for Dripping begins slowly, with tightly-framed shots of beautiful women lighting cigarettes, surrounded by soft golden lights and looking somewhat disaffected. If you weren't familiar with Wareheim's work, you'd be forgiven for being lulled into a false sense of security.

But things take a characteristically Wareheimian left turn about halfway through. Wide shots of each scene reveals that all these women are naked from the waist down and sat atop the face of thin, weak-looking men - all of whom tied up and being very much ignored. Wareheim has declared: "Dripping is a loveletter to my favourite band of all time – Blonde Redhead – based on my favourite Face Sitting artist of all time. – Namio Harukawa." 

The composition of these shots and the settings surrounding the actors are just as much a thing to behold as the actions themselves. Each one a gorgeous living painting and a faithful rendition of Harukawa's original artworks - but of course still feeling like something only Eric Wareheim could do.

PRO Credits


DirectorEric Wareheim
Production CompanyPrettybird

Luke Bather - 7th June 2016

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