David Knight - 31st Aug 2016

It's taken a long time, but John Grant has finally reunited with Casey Raymond and Ewan Jones Morris. Back in 2010, Casey & Ewan made the remarkable videos for Marz and Chicken Bones – the latter involving Grant as a down-at-heel yellow lycra-wearing superhero wandering the streets of Cardiff. It was a physical manifestation of that lacerating, soul-bearing honesty wedded to a super-dark sense of humour that characterises Grant's music.

The singer's gift for physical comedy, self-mockery, and admirable appetite for challenging roles, has evidently not been dimmed by five years of unbroken success. Or maybe he's just finally forgiven Casey & Ewan for making him wear yellow lycra. For Global Warming, they have created an only slightly less challenging role for him, as the last man on Earth. 

In the midst of utter catastrophic devastation, and with only the skeletal remains of his boyfriend for company, John is trying to make the best of it...


"This is the third video we’ve made with JG, the first two dating way way back to his first album. It involves a day in the life of John as the last man on earth, just trying to find stuff to do to occupy his remaining time, which largely involves personal grooming, and watching visions of the past on portable DVD players.

"John is always a pleasure to work with, and although he wasn’t paraded around the streets of Cardiff in yellow lycra, like on previous occasions, he still had to undergo several gruelling hours of ageing prosthetic in order to revive Winona Ryder’s role at the end of Edward Scissorhands."

More BTS at It's Nice That

Watch 'John Grant 'Global Warming' by Casey & Ewan' here

PRO Credits


DirectorCasey & Ewan
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Art DepartmentSeeber & Lloyd
Make-upNatasha Lawes
Make-up AssistantRuth Pease
StylistJoseph Crone
Camera AssistantAndrew Gough
EditorCasey & Ewan
VFXCasey & Ewan
LabelBella Union

David Knight - 31st Aug 2016

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