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Francobollo 'Finally' by Sam Bailey

David Knight - 25th Nov 2016

With two impressive videos already for tracks from their current EP - the first featuring a weird man-beast in a life drawing class for Kinky Lola, the second a vengeful ball of pubic hair for Wonderful – Francobollo's latest video actually shows the band, and the raucous excitement of their live shows. But bandmember and their regular video director Sam Bailey cannot resist throwing in some more wacky humour.

All of a sudden, we're thrown in to the bizarre world of the American daytime TV soap - and it's great. Sam has made lots of fine Francobollo vids and he also directs theatre, but he says that commissioners have proved less receptive to his off-the-wall ideas for other bands. On this showing, he may be destined to end up directing Days Of Our Lives.   


"It was a classic 'third video' from the label. No budget and a coincidentally sudden need to show off the band members live. I reached the breakdown in the song where the track goes slow and caught myself using slower more reflective shots and crossfading them, and nearly gagged when I watched it back. So I said to the label that I could show them the exact moment people would get bored.

"They agreed because I was way past the deadline and taking my sweet time. So I just asked them for carte blanche over that section. They said 'yes', and then they had to release it like that..."

David Knight - 25th Nov 2016


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Sam Bailey
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David Knight - 25th Nov 2016

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