Luke Bather - 1st July 2016

Every so often a video comes along that feels like an event: a mammoth undertaking and a huge achievement both technically and creatively. For these artworks, the payoff is virality - and deservingly so. Typically the kings of this have been OK Go, a band so viral they might as well change their name to Zika.

Well, the behemoths of the one-take have been knocked off their pedestal by Arizona's AJJ with the help of director Joe Stakun. How did a band of relative obscurity come up with such an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and downright vital video? Well, you'll wanna stick around after the video finishes for a mini-doc that gives you a peek behind the curtain.

All hyperbole aside, this video does a hilarious job of poking fun at the kind of video that normally gets nothing but hyperbole, without being downright cynical about it. Probably helped by just how straight-faced they play the whole thing. 


DirectorJoe Stakun
Director of PhotographyEric Bader
ProducerYoni Aviram
Production designerGrace Alie
1st ACChris Galano
GafferEric Clark
Production CoordinatorJeff Barker
EditorNic Michaels

Luke Bather - 1st July 2016

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