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Run The Jewels ft. Gangsta Boo 'Love Again' by Ninian Doff

David Knight - 18th Apr 2016

Bees, butterflies, flowers, pollination... it's the most natural thing in the world. And Ninian Doff has captured all that and more in all its breathtaking beauty - and then made it erotic by pairing it to the extremely explicit lyrics of Run The Jewels' Love Again. 

Produced by Pulse in association with online US comedy channel JASH, it was shot by specialist nature documentary DOP Rod Clarke over five days in Bristol. Then editor Paul O'Reilly had the mammoth task of transforming 17 hours of footage into a sizzling four minutes of viewing (and listening), giving the insects and plants the personality to pull off the sexual references.

“The challenge was choosing the right moments to give each insect a personality throughout the film,” says Paul, “We wanted the bees to look horny, the butterflies seductive, the flies dominated and the Venus flytraps alluring."

The Homespun editor was on set for the whole shoot. "It was a delicate and intriguing process to capture the film we needed to make the edit. To ensure the insects didn’t keep flying around too fast, they were contained in a chilled environment before filming which gave them that undulating slow kinesis we wanted when exposed to room temperature.”

For Doff, it was very important for all the footage to be genuine. "It was really important to me that all the insect footage was all real so that the video was an amazing example of how audio changes a film," he says. "With piano music and David Attenborough narration this could go on TV on a Sunday Afternoon. With Run The Jewels amazing song on the exact same footage is so X-rated people blush watching it.

"However insects are basically emotionless robots and the challenge was to make them perform in a way that was still 100% real but told all the personality and 'performance' I wanted. This is where the edit was really like a needle in a haystack for Paul. Literally within an hour of footage of an insect there might be two seconds of an amazing twitch or sidestep that totally elevated the video and sold the emotion. The fact that we really connect and understand what the insects are feeling, be it lust or fear, is a huge testament to Paul's work on this.”

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David Knight - 18th Apr 2016


  • Director's notes
  • Mature - NSFW
  • VFX
  • Alternative, Hip Hop
  • Insects, Sex

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Ninian Doff
Rik Green
Production Company
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sarah Boardman
Executive Producer
Amaechi Uzoigwe
Executive Producer
Daniel Kellison


Director of Photography
Rod Clarke


Paul O'Reilly
Editing company


Julien Biard
Colour grade company


Andy Copping
VFX Company


Mass Appeal Records


Matt Pugh
Animal wrangler
Nick Pitt
Ewen Stenhouse
Sound design
Luis Almau

David Knight - 18th Apr 2016

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