Hot Chip 'Spell' by Simon Owens

Pee Wee’s Playhouse just got a bit too real. In the throes of passion, a bed finally gets its revenge on an unsuspecting couple, in this wacky Hot Chip video by Simon Owens.

Ned Botwood - 9 days ago


Sälen 'Heartbreak Diet' by Lily Rose Thomas

Lily Rose Thomas depicts London synthpop trio Sälen as suburbanites with a taste for Eighties glitz - but telltale signs of blood-smeared fingers hint at their grisly secret.

David Knight - 15th Mar 2017

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The Promonews Roundup


Chairlift 'Ch-Ching' by That Go

Gearing up for the release of forthcoming album Moth, Chairlift have released this fun pop performance video for Ch-Ching.

Cat Velez - 21st Oct 2015

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