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Hot Chip ft Jarvis Cocker 'Straight To The Morning' by RÉALITÉ

Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2020

While the parents are away, the girls will play - and, wow, do they play - in directing collective RÉALITÉ's joyously anarchic video for Hot Chip.

The video for Straight To The Morning - a track that features Jarvis Cocker on vocals, in the counterintuitive role of disco diva - features a group of early-teenage girls, chomping at the bit to have fun. Given the run of this particular dream family home, they indulge in their own form of hedonism: daft and daring internet challenges, mattress fights, karaoke, and eating all the snacks, all at once. With jawdroppingly destructive consequences.

Furniture is rearranged, plates are smashed, vases are smashed, everything is smashed... it's basically the houseproud teen parent's worst nightmare. But it's wonderful stuff for everyone else. Just as the girls never stop, neither does the camera, and the Steadicam movement creates a daydream-style aesthetic. Reminiscent of endless summer days and the innocence - and recklessness - of youth, the video achieves a breezy, upbeat vibe with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

Meanwhile, Jarvis appears on the TV, a cameo on a nameless videogame, throwing shapes as the girls live out their rockstar fantasies. Not only a fun way to incorporate the artist, but an interesting moment shared between generations, in a decidedly unplaceable and almost parallel world-style time period.

This is a scintillating work by RÉALITÉ, a Barcelona-based collective founded by Jason Causse and Alba Solé who recently signed to CANADA for music videos and commercials. And the video has all the hallmarks of a classic CANADA production, bursting with visual ideas, exceptional super-colourful art direction, and an unmistakeable joie de vivre

It turns out that the track was originally written by Hot Chip with Dua Lipa in mind for performing the vocals. Then the band worked with Jarvis, when they were DJing together at Paris’ legendary Les Bains-Douches last year. “Straight To The Morning is a disco anthem about going out, for a time when people really can’t, and it features our friend Jarvis Cocker urging us to go 'straight through until the break of dawn.'" say Hot Chip. "Somehow he seems an unlikely figure in this all, and we like it that way.”

Jarvis adds: “This was the very last musical session I was involved in before lockdown. It felt very poignant to be singing a song about dancing all night long in a club whilst knowing it wouldn’t be possible to do such a thing for the foreseeable future. We danced around the studio quite a lot in the meantime though. It was fun to be a member of the Straight Through Crew for a day.”

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Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2020


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Karen Saurí
Production Company
Executive Producer
Oscar Romagosa
Production Manager
Itsasne Santos
1st AD
Anna Capdevila


Director of Photography
Lucas Casanovas


Art Director
Pitu Fernandez


Ahida Agirre
Jose Carayol


Lluis Murua


Colour grade company
Martí Somoza


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Álvaro Posadas


Director's Representation


John Moule

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LANE Casting

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Jarvis Cocker Takes/Producer

Davey Ahern

Jarvis Cocker Takes/Production Assistant

Ellie Bartlett

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Tyler Freeman Smith

Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2020

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