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Sergei Polunin/Depeche Mode 'In Your Room' by Anton Corbijn

Rob Ulitski - 3rd June 2021

Renowned ballet dancer Sergei Polunin performs a stunning contemporary dance to Depeche Mode’s song In Your Room, captured by legendary director/photographer and longtime collaborator of the band, Anton Corbijn.

It's not a conventional music video, but a unique promo of Corbijn's forthcoming feature documentary Dancer 2 - the sequel to the the critically-acclaimed 2016 film Dancer. The first film charted Polunin’s meteoric rise to become the Royal Ballet’s youngest-ever principal dancer, and his self-inflicted fall from grace. Corbijn's new film pick ups from where Dancer left off, exploring Polunin’s return to ballet.

Corbijn frames a powerful solo performance by Polunin to the 1993 song, choreographed by Ross Freddie Ray, against the vast windswept dunes of Terschelling in The Netherlands, Corbijn's home country. The performance evokes Polunin’s well-documented struggles within the confines of the ballet world and in his personal life, following his infamous rejection of the ballet establishment while at the height of his powers.

Filmed in November last year, the film is effectively a prelude for the film to come, which is now moving into production.


“It was a delight to work with Sergei on this piece by Depeche Mode who I have a very long history with. He brought out the inner struggle of the song so vividly in the harshest of circumstances (November weather in the North of Holland) that one can only watch in amazement at his achievements here. We are currently planning to extend our collaboration into a Dancer II which, based on this experience, will be very exciting to work on.”

[Sergei] brought out the inner struggle of the song so vividly in the harshest of circumstances


“Working with Anton made me able to see how he applies so many layers into different dimensions. Dance with nature and music has different textures in his work and a very deep meaning. I am proud to have met him and that he suggested to dance to a Depeche Mode song, the music and voice that I love and have listened to for many years. Ross Freddie Ray choreographed the dance and showed the support that I needed. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with Anton.”


"Anton Corbijn has an exquisite eye that captures performance and movement like few others. Watching him work with Sergei in motion was magic, breath-taking...!

"This film was made in November 2020, at a time when artists couldn't perform live. Sergei and Anton's work really reflect the capacity we all have to come together, connect through art and make something beautiful under challenging circumstances. It was fantastic to work with Anton and I look forward to continuing that collaboration in Dancer 2.”

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Rob Ulitski - 3rd June 2021


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Rob Ulitski - 3rd June 2021

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